Aligned Asks:
Rich Caplan, Real Estate Photographer

Rich Caplan is a real estate photographer with a great eye for details. His photographs really capture the beauty of a space, providing a natural look and feel that makes the images come to life. Here, we have the pleasure of asking Rich some questions about his art, and how he came to be a real estate photographer.

AA: How long have you been a photographer?

RC: I have been a photographer since I was a kid, but have been a working photographer for a little over 4 years.

AA: What did you do before you got into Real Estate photography?

RC: Prior to photography, I spend 15 years in finance. Trading, selling, and writing software. I still continue to trade, but just for myself.

AA: Why did you switch?

RC: I switched because I felt a need to satisfy my creative side. I cannot paint or sing, so my camera provided the outlet.

AA: What are the special challenges inherent in real estate photography as compared to other types of photography?

RC: With architectural and interior photography, I feel the challenge is not to leave the viewer guessing. Tell the story effectively and the image provides the viewer a sense of calm. I know that may sound funny, but poorly chosen composition creates confusion, which is not what the architect or designer had in mind.

AA: What techniques do you use to get the natural look and feel apparent in your photos?

RC: My specific technique is a closely guarded secret. What I can say is that I utilize a hybrid high dynamic range approach.

AA: What is your favorite lens right now?

RC: 24mm PC-Tilt-Shift…it shoots around corners.

AA: Does the camera matter?

RC: A camera’s sensor matters but the lens matters more.

AA: Any advice for would-be real estate photographers?

RC: Observe the greats and keep your lines straight.

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