Client Testimonials

Having worked with Steve in the past, I knew already what a professional broker he was, so I knew he would have great expertise in selling my apartment. His firm marketed the apartment beautifully, priced it right and therefore, it sold within one day of being on the market, over asking. It just proves that getting the most knowledgeable broker, with character and integrity, makes all the difference.

Maria Cella Wing

Working with Steve on the purchase of our apartment was a very pleasant experience! He took the time to really understand our needs and was able to hone in on the right apartments. Our search was thorough and efficient. As a result, we found an apartment we love for which Steve negotiated a great price and helped facilitate the close on a tight schedule. He has great market knowledge and always remained objective. I would recommend his services with pleasure.

S. Bhalla

Selling your home, something that you have put so much love and work into over many years, can be a very stressful and emotional experience. Steve’s calm demeanor was invaluable, especially negotiating through Super Storm Sandy with no phone or power. His hard work, knowledge and guidance made the process go smoothly and the premium price ended up being exactly where he estimated it to be.

Most brokers care only about the fee, Aligned cares about their clients.

Cliff and Michele Smallman

Great experience, patient, insightful and never ones to sugarcoat a property to push through a buy. They set the standard that all brokers should aspire to.

H.Derhalli and M.Behbahani

January 19, 2011

Dear Neighbors of the Prasada,

Before leaving this wonderful building I want let you in on a little secret. Three words: Aligned Real Estate. First let me say, I was determined to sell my apartment on my own because 1) I thought I could (it’s the Prasada, right?!) and 2) I struggle to find the true value in the agents’ 6% commission. Having sold four homes in the last ten years I’ve developed a certain amount of arguably valid contempt. That said, after our board turned down my initial “in-house” buyer, I found myself tired and decided it was time to bite the bullet and call in the professionals. What I found was a pleasant surprise.

Aligned Real Estate is run by a dynamic duo, Steven Ganz and Jonathan Isaacs, who worked for big firms before developing a new and improved approach to selling real estate. I cannot say enough nice things about these two. My apartment went into contract two weeks after listing. I saved considerable commission dollars. If you or anyone you know is thinking about selling an apartment, I highly recommend checking out their website: Click on the tab “Our Math” and you will see they have two non-traditional fee structures the seller can choose. Yes, you have a “choice!” I chose option “A,” but as you can see both options save you considerable money. Not that Aligned Real Estate should be regarded as a discount brokerage house. On the contrary, as you can see by clicking on my 50CPW listing they go further in advertising your apartment building’s details and amenities than anyone else.

One last thing you cannot see no matter how much you click is that they set up a personal, private log in page for you – where Steve and Jon relay feedback, scheduling dates/times, bid activity, to do lists, etc. It’s extremely convenient. If you wish, their appointments can sync right to your calendar on your computer/phone/etc.

Bottom line: Jon and Steve have jumped ahead of the curve. They’re smart and savvy and I want to support them for their forward thinking.

That is all.

Sincerely yours,

P. Picard