Fair Housing Policy

Committed to Equal Opportunity

Aligned Real Estate, LLC is comprised of dedicated real estate professionals and committed to equal opportunity and non-discrimination in all aspects of the housing related services they provide.


Aligned Real Estate, LLC expressly prohibits any form of discrimination based on a person's actual or perceived gender (including gender identity), race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, lawful occupation, presence of children, sexual orientation, marital status, partnership status, citizenship status, lawful source of income or any other factor illegal under federal, state or city law (any of which is an "Unlawful Category"). Any discrimination based on an Unlawful Category by agents or employees in the performance of their expected job duties will not be tolerated and will subject the agent or employee to appropriate disciplinary or other measures.


This policy covers all Aligned Real Estate employees and agents without exception. Aligned Real Estate will not tolerate, condone or allow discrimination, whether engaged in by clients, employees, agents. independent contractors or other non-employees who conduct business with Aligned Real Estate. While Aligned Real Estate's ability to control clients and third parties is limited, this does not diminish the obligation of Aligned Real Estate's agents and employees to comply with the law and this Policy.

Education & Procedures

Aligned Real Estate engages in periodic training of employees and agents on the anti-discrimination laws. It requires all managers and sales agents to review the laws. Any questions or issues concerning discrimination should be addressed to info@alignednyc.com; reports and complaints will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible without impairing Aligned Real Estate's obligations to comply with the law. Where necessary, Aligned Real Estate may employ an outside lawyer or consultant to investigate a question and provide guidance in handling the matter.

Retaliation Prohibited

Aligned Real Estate will not in any way retaliate against an individual who makes a report of discrimination or provides information concerning such actions nor will it permit any employee or agent to do so. Retaliation is a serious violation of this policy and should be reported immediately. Any person found to have retaliated against another individual for reporting unlawful discrimination will be subject to the same disciplinary action provided for offenders.

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