New York Daily News – Luxurious Flatiron Penthouse From “Wall Street 2” Sells For $15 Million

Oliver Stone, Carey Mulligan on set of “Wall Street 2”

As “Wall Street 2” teaches us, Money Never Sleeps. Except for maybe sometimes in a really expensive penthouse.

The Flatiron apartment featured in the movie sold for $15 million, close to its asking price, to a “Wall Street titan” the New York Post reports. The seller put it on the market last year when the movie came out, hoping to cash in on all those long shots of Shia LeBouf and Carrie Mulligan in their characters’ love nest. Until Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas) messes everything up. He still thinks greed is good … or … does he?

Regardless, it is easy to see the fruits of capitalism in this 6,500-square-foot loft. The four-bedroom, five-bathroom apartment boasts and additional 3,000square feet of outdoor deck space.

Curbed points out the seller, also a finance type, bought the apartment for $1.4 million in 2003 and added the second level. Not a shabby return on investment.

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